The BEST job ever (that you can do from home)…

I have this conversation daily with mamas (and dads too) who want a flexible career so they can be present raising their kids… what is the ideal work from home gig? I’m a hustler at heart and I’ve tried lots of things, you will love reading this post with all the crazy things we tried when we first became parents.ย When I say “work from home” what I really mean is work in a way that allows flexibility to live the life you want. We all know that working from home while also being a full time parent is impossible. Seriously. I can’t even take a shower when my toddler and 3 year old are around. Its the idea of a flexible career that you can fit in around life. It doesn’t require you to show up somewhere + have to find suitable childcare. It doesn’t demand 40 hours a week, it can be done from anywhere and you also get paid a kick-ass income that can turn to residual income for life.

That’s when the choices + opportunities whittle down to a select few options:
  1. Make money online: Yes you can make money blogging or learning online marketing techniques but its takes a massive following and an advanced skill set to be really really good.
  2. Investing: Have a ton of money and make really solid investments.
  3. Network marketing: you need little start up capital and you partner with a global brand, promote their products and grow an organization through the power of a network.
  4. Are there more? please tell me what I’m missing… and yes it has to be flexible, part time and lucrative… if you got one to add I’m all ears!!

I was reflecting on all the side gigs and “jobs” I’ve had in sales / marketing / promotions over the years. I can’t tell you how many times I have been hired by someone to promote their product.

Here’s just a few that popped into my mind as I write this: I sold the local San Diego newspaper for $.50 at the Del Mar Racetrack in San Diego, I promoted Napa Valley wines at the military base hosting wine tastings and helping people buy wine, I promoted ULI stand up paddle boards, I sold re-manufactured copiers and fax machines to businesses all over San Diego, I went door to door trying to get people to paint their houses with Varsity Paint, I went to Comic Con and promoted a new snack idea from a solo-entrepreneur. I promoted the YMCA’s Diabetes Prevention program all spring at the health fairs in Denver.

I have gladly promoted other people’s products, businesses and dreams in exchange for an hourly rate. They never offered a larger piece of the pie. I never got residual income from all the people that decided to love and use their brand. Promoting a product is something I have always done. So what’s the difference you ask with network marketing, aren’t you still promoting someone else’s product?

Yes, but the difference in partnering with Young Living as an independent business owner is that all the work I do promoting and getting people to use these products is that it directly benefits me. My hard work builds my organization. I get a piece of the pie over and over and over again. As long as people love and buy these products I will get paid. It’s such a different model. I was always excited to make $50/hr promoting someone else’s product but I was leaving money on the table! So why get involved with Network Marketing and specifically why with Young Living?
Here’s why:
  1. LOW RISK / BIG REWARD: The investment is low and the reward is limitless. It can be as big as you want. You decide. The investment is very low. In order to earn every commission from Young Living you must be a wholesale member ($160 for the starter kit) and invest $100 in your own products every month. That’s it. Whether you are just starting out as a distributor or if you are at the highest promotion in the company you invest $100 a month on products! You are buying the BEST products from your own account, maybe its supplements, protein powder, vitamins or essential oils. You get to buy high quality, eco-friendly, non-GMO, vegan, plant-based health and wellness products at a WHOLESALE price. That’s your overhead. That’s awesome.
  2. BILLION DOLLAR INDUSTRY: The Health + Wellness industry is BOOMING- you want to get in on this! Consumers are spending billions on health products. Here are some stats:

    In 2016, analysts reported that the global wellness economy reached $3.7 trillion and growth is expected to accelerate by 17% in the next five years.

    In 2017 there will be a tremendous opportunity for marketers to meet the needs of health-focused consumers. Market research has also identified that the average consumer is looking forย more environmentally friendly health + wellness products.

    Health & Wellness industry trends reflect this, as organic beauty product sales are expected to grow 74% from 2013 to 2018. Vitamins and supplement sales will reach $13.9 billion by 2018, a 58% increase from 2008.

  3. SPREAD A POSITIVE MESSAGE: Be a voice for natural wellness! Help people who are already looking for natural, simple, eco-friendly products to use in their homes and on their bodies. Be a voice for holistic wellness.
  4. RESIDUAL INCOME! Yes there is another way than the traditional 9-5 for 40 years. If you need more info on this check out The Four Year Career or Beach Money, both are great books about the power of the network marketing business model. We live in a connection economy, things are changing fast! People are buying stuff online. People want time freedom and the ability to show up for what is important in life. We are no longer guaranteed a retirement package like the generations before us- we need to carve out our own savings plans and not depend on anyone else. Network marketing is a viable business model that provides an opportunity for an average person to make the most of their time : income ratio. 
  5. ITS FUN! It takes hard work. It is a numbers game. You will have to branch out and market yourself and find people that want your product and want to join your team. But why not? Why not share with people who want what you got?
  6. TEAMMATES: You get to work alongside the people that you choose. Build your organization with the type of people that make you happy and light you up! You can wake up excited to work! You can make a real difference in people’s lives around you. Free yourself from the traditional way of thinking about money and accept abundance! There is enough for everyone. Free yourself from the trading time for money mentality. Help more people and build an organization that rewards you exponentially. Get excited about how you can show up in the world to deliver your unique gifts. You will have more time for that. Be a part of your kids life. Donate your time to causes that matter. Volunteer on projects that light up your soul. Stop worrying if you will be making enough money. You will. Just decide!
If this resonates with you send me a message, give me a call. Let’s chat about it! No pressure ever. I am so excited to share the facts and answer your questions. I believe we can only make the best decisions four ourselves when we have the facts. Awareness then action. CHEERS!

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