How to host a New Moon Circle

The New Moon is a time for inner reflection + intention setting. As cyclic beings we can be attuned to the cycles in nature and “New Moon gatherings” are a perfect way to infuse community + ceremony into life. Humans have always been attracted to the moon and its powerful energy, but women especially have had a strong connection to the energy of the moon. Female menstrual cycles are often referred to as “moon cycles” for good reason. Long ago, women’s menstrual cycles were in sync with the cycles of the moon with the new moon being a time to rest and shed while the full moon was ripe for ovulation. Research has shown that more women menstruate during a new moon than any other phase, suggesting that normal cycles do sync to a lunar pattern! The moon has a powerful effect on us. It has the power to move the ocean tides, and as humans we are made of 70% water. We can work with the energy of the moon cycle to help us in our lives.

What is a New Moon Circle? Its a time for women to gather together in community to hold for space for one another, connect and to heal. The New Moon is the darkest part of the cycle, representing a time to look inward and set intentions that will come to “light” on the upside of the cycle when the moon is full and bright. It also marks the beginning of the cycle. In the quiet darkness it is a beautiful blank canvas to create something new. When we gather as a community to honor nature’s cycles and build our awareness of this process we can create powerful changes in our lives. Women especially can benefit from gathering since the feminine is the energy of creation. Together we have the ability to transform the world through our collective intention + attention on healing. There is no doubt a rising of consciousness in the world, the old paradigm of masculine patriarchy is being replaced by the softer, more collaborative + creative energy of the feminine.

The world needs ALL of us right now. We need to harness the power of LOVE. Healing yourself and offering your light to the world is imperative. Gathering together and holding space for inner transformation is one way we can all contribute. I truly believe as women we have the power to create a world that our children’s children will be thriving in, but we have to do the work now. To spread love and light any way we can. When women come together for the soul purpose of connecting and supporting profound things can happen. I encourage you to gather your ladies and start tuning to the beautiful cycles of the moon : )

Here are some tips to host a women’s moon circle of your own.

Cleanse the space.

Choose a location that has elements to invoke reflection. There is ample seating for all to feel welcomed and preferably join together in a circle. I prefer having nature as a part of this gathering. We sat outside with warm blankets around a cozy fire in my backyard.Be sure to clean and clear so there is minimal distractions.

Collect inspiration.

Figure out the flow of the gathering. What activities or readings are you excited to share. Will you ask your women to bring something of their own? Will you serve tea or wine or something else? What are the themes of the particular new moon and how can you weave those themes into the sacred space?

Create an Altar or sacred space
Invite your ladies to bring objects of inspiration, and ask your women to quietly place their objects according to the guide below:

  • North is earth. Bring stone, bone, crystals, dried herbs, anything  earthly in nature.
  • South is fire. Bring matches, candles, anything orange, yellow, or red, or anything that evokes your passion, piques your curiosity, or otherwise causes a spark.
  • East is wind or air. Bring feathers, essential oils, blades, glass, pens, or anything that symbolizes a new beginning.
  • West is water. Bring anything that reminds you of your grandmother, anything oceanic, or any containers like chalices.
Guided Meditation:

This is an excellent way to begin your ceremony so everyone can settle in, ground and tap in to their subconscious. Have one of your ladies’ write or bring one to share. You can always find something on the internet and play it over a speaker so everyone can hear. Help your women breath deeply and relax.

Sage burning + smudging:
Sage is an awesome tool for cleansing and clearing. You can light some sage and smell its gorgeous aroma while you smudge eachother. What is smudging you ask? Its using the cleansing power of the sage to purify the mind and body of any negative energy.

Journaling + intention setting prompts:

Letting go: What are you ready to let go of?  What are you willing to release? (you can have people throw this paper into the fire as a symbolic “release”) Ask your circle if anyone wants to share what they wrote. Listen compassionately and do not judge or offer solutions. It is just a time to let go.

Intention setting: What are you calling in? What goal are you trying to reach? What do you want to manifest? How do you want to feel? What will make you happy?

Remember this is a gathering to ENJOY the connection, company and love available to you through community. So have fun! There is no right or wrong way to hold space for connecting with one another!

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new moon circle women gathering

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