How to Order Essential Oils


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The best bang for your buck is to sign up as a wholesale member with Young Living. Now- don’t worry! As a wholesale member there is NO minimum purchasing requirements, NO auto ship requirements and of course you never have to do the business side of Young Living (unless you want to!) Wholesale members simply get to order at the wholesale rate (which is 24% off full retail pricing) on any product from Young Living as long as their account is active. How do you keep your account active you ask? You just need to place one order every year that is a minimum of $50. Having access to the wholesale pricing is awesome but the other benefit to becoming a member is you have access to the Starter Kit bundle deal.

What do you get in the Starter Kit?

This is hands down the best deal. You get 11 of the most popular oils, a home diffuser, samples of other amazing wellness products, roller bottles for making your own blends, tons of educational info on the power of essential oils and samples of oils to share with friends for HALF the price. Your bundle price is only $160.

Essential oils in the starter kit + their benefits:



Peppermint: I use this oil every day- amazing for anti-nausea or heartburn, great for freshening breath, I out a few drops on before a workout to get energized. Fresh + uplifting.

Stress Away: does exactly as the name suggest!! Apply to wrist and neck as needed or diffuse to create a relaxing atmosphere at home or at work.

Lavender: the jack of all trades! This oil is incredibly therapeutic for reducing stress and anxiety. This oil is recognized for its calming properties- can help acne, anxiety, arthritis. Great for calming, tension relief. I put a few drops in the palm of my hand and inhale deeply for a few minutes and it literally resets the nervousness system which relieves anxiety. Its also useful for applying to bug bites or burns.

Purification: purifying, amazing smelling, fresh oil. I add a few drops to laundry to get clothes smelling super fresh, you can use it for cleaning (add 20+ drops to a glass water bottle with water). You can also make your own bug spray with this one- add to distilled water in a spray bottle.

R.C.: this is your all natural lung booster- awesome for helping open up airways. Marcy uses this one a lot before or after hiking or working out- super supportive to your breathing. Great for relieving cold symptoms, you can add a few drops to the shower to relieve stuffy nose or make your own cough+cold rub to apply to your chest.

Thieves (blend of spicy herbs like cinnamon, rosemary, thyme, oregano)- great for immune support + should be applied before travelling, diffused in the house when someone is feeling sick, a few drops in shower or bath to boost immunity, great to use for cleaning. This oils is SO helpful during flu season because of its anti-microbial and anti-vital fighting properties.

Copaiba: smells so good! Great for akin, sleep aid

PanAway: blend that is the natural version of icy hot muscle rub! Great for sore muscles and contains anti-inflammatory properties which is great for arthritic joints.

DiGize: this blend is incredible for aiding healthy digestion- Aaron few drops in his water and drinks it every morning to help with his digestive issues and it works like a charm.

Lemon: super uplifting – I use on my hands for hand sanitizer, I add it to my toner to put on zits!!

Frankinsence: very spiritual, grounding oil, good for reducing anxiety/stress and is also great for reducing wrinkles, add a few drops to moisturizer for anti-aging support, perfect to apply before a stressful meeting or big presentation because of its grounding qualities. Smells amazing! It’s kinda pricey but soooo good!

Then you get to choose a diffuser! Here are the options:


Awesome, I WANT IT!! (click here to enroll as a new member)

Just like buying from amazon, you need to create an account. …here is the link to enroll as a new member – you will get to choose the starter kit you want… I would go with the Premium Starter kit with Dewdrop Diffuser ($160) but you have the option to get an upgraded diffuser like Aria if you want!

Just make sure my member ID 1898872 is there as your enroller and sponsor!

Wahoo!! Welcome to the Oily Life!!