Building a work-from-anywhere business with Young Living: how does it really work?

I am always up to try new things. I am also interested in finding a way to make a living working on my own terms. I wrote about MLM opportunities (direct sales) last month. I am now actively building my Young Living business… so what does that mean? How do you make money? There is no secret – it is not a “get rich quick” scheme. But here is what I’ve found so far from my own research, talking to people in this business and my experience thus far:

To be successful at any business whether its being a Health Coach or blogging or owning your own brick and mortar store you need to find customers, market your products and invest time and money into your endeavor. If you think being your own boss and starting a business is going to be no work and lots of play then you probably shouldn’t do it! It’s true, MLM companies have had a bad reputation in the past… they have been called cults, pyramid schemes and all sorts of other names.
Some of this comes from people who had bad experiences. And yes, you do have to buy the products and use them yourself before you can start earning commissions back. So if you think you don’t have to put any “skin in the game” to be successful in a direct sales company then you probably shouldn’t join one. If you also don’t really believe in or like the products you are supposed to be partnering with, then you probably shouldn’t join a company. There are lots of reasons not to pursue direct sales and I am a whole-hearted believer in not convincing people to do something they don’t want to do.
So if anyone is still reading…. hahaha, then you are a little like me, curious. How does this work? Can you be successful? The answer is yes… and no. There are people who have made a decent living working this business model BUT there are fewer who have become millionaires by working this business. Lindsey Moreno has an awesome success story- her team was the fastest growing team in Young Living history. I follow other people on IG who have achieved the rank of Gold in less than a year (Gold rank average monthly income is $6000 and you can see the income disclosure statement here). This is the exception and not the rule. I know there is a chance of failing but what’s the risk? For me an investment of $100 a month (on products I love and use anyway) is not that much of a gamble. What if I actually make this business work? *I will make this work because I believe it works *
I am willing to be completely transparent during this process. If you are still reading, and a tiny bit more curious, I’m looking for people who understand the business model of building a network, want to spread information about quality health + wellness products (to the people that want them and are ready to buy them) and want to build a business and have a freakin’ blast while doing it!!
Here are the reasons that I decided to partner with Young Living – a reputable multi-level marketing company that has been in business for 20 years and is rated A+ by the BBB. You can do your own research, you’ll find lots of reasons both for and against this business model. Then you’ll have to decide. Here’s my reasoning:
  1. I love the products. I enjoy using YL essential oils in my daily wellness routine. I use them for aromatherapy, for overall wellness support and I cook with them. I also enjoy the other products like Ninxjia Red superfood drink, the oil infused supplements and the line of non-toxic cleaning products. I will buy these products regardless. I truly love them.
  2. I am also NOT an expert on essential oils or a certified aromatherapist/herbalist. I do not pretend to know everything about these products nor do I pretend that they will cure diseases. Let’s be real.  I do however, have a Masters’ degree in Public Health, I am a certified health education specialist and a trained Lifestyle Coach. Most importantly, I am an expert of my body’s needs and my wellness goals. I do believe these products are tools to support my mental, physical and emotional health. I do believe in the power of prevention. You do not need to have advanced degrees to join this business and help people who are looking for better ways to achieve wellness. I am learning as I go and I am enjoying this process!!
  3. I understand the business model. I know I can’t rely on my friends and family to be my only customers. I will not pester or try to convince people to buy from me, but I will provide information when people ask. I will reach out and find out if you are interested in joining my team, but if you say no then I will move on : ) I know I have to reach more people who are looking for either a.) an opportunity to earn money by working for themselves or b.) people who love these wellness products. I’ve worked in sales and I understand that this is a numbers business, you need to find the people looking for your product or service. That takes work. But if you have a team of supportive, fun and motivated people lifting you up, then it will be FUN!
  4. I want to choose the people I work with. I like the idea of partnering with quality people who get this business model. I am excited to work together with like-minded people to build something awesome together. I know its not for everyone, but it is for some people. It is for me. I see the value of building something that can support me and my family. Residual income can be gifted to your children when you want to hand over your business, that’s freakin’ awesome. Also, let’s see the abundance in life- there is plenty to go around for everyone. Yes the people that started years ago and who are at the “top” of the organization make LOTS of money. They do. But there are plenty of people that are just starting out and are happily sharing their love for these products, this company, and this business model and are earning an awesome monthly income. If you don’t want to buy the products then you don’t have to. If you do want to buy the products then great, I would love if you bought them from me!
  5. Yes most people who enter this profession end up quitting. Only about 1% actually make it to the ranks in the company that earn you 6 figure incomes… but there are plenty of people who land somewhere in the middle. Gold rank partners with Young Living earn an average of $6000 a month. That’s my goal. I’ll take it. To reach the Gold rank you need an organization with 3-4 partners who have made this their business too… you work together to add happy customers and other business builders to your group. Anyone who joins me will do so because they want to, not because I’ve convinced them too.
  6. The health + wellness industry is a multi-billion dollar industry- why is it so bad to buy products (that you love) from someone you know to support their business instead of walking into Target or Walmart to buy a name brand product that *profit* goes to a large corporation. Is that not a “pyramid” scheme? CEO makes the most money and worker bee at the bottom level earns minimum wage? There are lots of ways to make money. We are constantly marketed to, pestered by large corporations to buy products that we may or may not need. Here is a chance to be a small business owner and an opportunity for people to support small business by purchasing natural, non-toxic, wellness products from me!
  7. You can work-from-anywhere and put in as much or as little time as you want. I am motivated by time freedom… I don’t want to be tied to the “fee for service” model, where I trade an hour of my time for money. My time is worth more than that. I want to build a thriving organization that can run without me behind a desk or logging my hours. I am able to spend my time with the people that I love and doing the things that bring me joy!

I’m excited! I’m motivated to try this out and see what happens. If you want to join me let’s talk! If you are a fellow health coach I am especially excited to partner with you- I think our profession is a great place to introduce people to Young Living products and promote this work-from-anywhere lifestyle. If you are like “YES” let’s do this then email me or go for it and order your oils!

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