New Mama Wellness is about bringing awareness to the opportunities for growth along the journey of Motherhood.

What you’ll find here:

INSPIRATION: We all need motivation, especially for me as an extrovert who works from home! I write about strategies that work for me to invigorate my day-to-day and remind me how precious and magical life is!

WELLNESS: I love evidence-based wellness and the field of positive psychology. As a public health buff, I am always keeping up on the latest research and love to share new tips, strategies and methods for achieving optimal health and well-being.

TRANSITION: I reflect often about my experience in navigating the transition to motherhood, how I prepared my mind and body for pregnancy and motherhood, decisions about my career, and re-inventing myself as a freelance at home Mama.

CONNECTION: I love connecting with people. I am truly fascinated and curious about what motivates, inspires and drives people and whenever possible I am learning from others. I hope to share those interactions here.

COLLABORATION: Let’s work together! I love collaborating creatively on projects that relate to wellness, business, empowered women and intentional living. Drop me a line and let’s hang out!

Love your comments!

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