The power to make changes exist within us and my job is to guide, empower and collaborate with you to make the changes you want in your life.

My coaching process is individually tailored to each person and follows this model:

Awareness: You are the expert in your own life

  • I provide a supportive environment for you to take inventory of your life
  • I guide you in exploring areas of your life that need attention or are out of balance
  • Through tools and exercises, you will identify the areas you are most motivated to change

Choice: You are in charge of determining what changes you want to make

  • After taking inventory, you decide on specific goals you want to reach
  • Together we explore techniques like visualization, meditation and mindfulness to clarify your priorities and ignite your intrinsic motivation to make changes in your habits and routines
  • I will encourage you to deepen your sense of personal responsibility for your life

Execution: You decide what actions to take

  • Together we identify strategies to meet your goals
  • Together we create an attainable action plan
  • I provide recommendations and information based on your specific goals
  • I support you and hold you accountable for creating sustainable change in your life

Working with a Health & Wellness Coach is based on trust and how comfortable you feel with your coach. I am happy to meet for a free consultation to see if we are a good fit!

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