Why I’m limiting my meat and dairy intake!

New mama wellness whole food plant based diet
Last week I binge watched food documentaries on Netflix. It all started because someone in my DPP class asked about alternatives to meat-based proteins and I remembered watching Forks over Knives a while ago and thought I could get some inspiration. Eeek, did I get some inspiration… after watching Food Inc, Forks over Knives and Vegucated I texted Aaron and told him we were all going Vegan and that I was going to throw out any animal products in the house. Ha!

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Tips for planning weekly meals + meal planning worksheet

New mama wellness meal planning tips
Why is meal planning so hard for me? I LOVE the idea. I really do. I want to have all my weeknight dinner meals clearly laid out and ready for Aaron when he gets home. I am (after all) the lead parent and householder, so having dinner ready and well-planned is sort of in the job description. And yet, it is so hard for me to consistently have my meals planned in advance and ready to go. I took some time to dissect this a little and figure out what was blocking my culinary abilities.
Here is what I determined:

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Tiny Foods with Big Promises… 5 Superfoods you should try!

Chia seeds, hemp seeds, goji berries, pumpkin seeds, matcha

It’s amazing how tiny foods like nuts, seeds and leaves can deliver big benefits to our bodies. In a culture where bigger is thought to be better these tiny superfoods can hold their own. Superfoods have been part of a wellness trend over the last decade that has brought to light the importance of eating foods that help fight disease and provide our bodies with essential nutrients. Continue reading

5 Week-Night Dinner Inspirations

Since becoming a new Mama last April, I have learned that preparation is the key to success– in everything from business to raising babies to nourishing our bodies. When I have spent some time planning and preparing for the following day I always accomplish goals and usually do so with a free-flowing feeling of ease. On the other hand, the days that I am scrambling to “get it together” are usually not productive and a bit stressful. Continue reading