Begin with the End in Mind

It’s the new year. A chance to start fresh and set new goals. I personally love doing this in the fall after summer is over (probably because I am married to an Assistant Principal who is on the school schedule) and partly because the fall is a wonderful time of year to buckle down and get productive. However, the New Year is a perfect time to refresh your thinking and offers a chance to examine what you accomplished the previous year and celebrate! …And also to look ahead and think about all the things you want for yourself and your life in the new year.

I personally don’t set resolutions because they don’t really work for me and are usually unsustainable. This year Aaron and I took a long walk with the family and talked about all the great things we cultivated for our life in 2016. It felt really good to say them out loud. And there were many many many things we were proud of (more than I thought once we got started counting our blessings). Then we looked ahead to this coming year and stated our “wishes” for what we wanted to manifest this year. I think this is an awesome exercise to do for both business and personal success… Begin with the end in mind. This concept was introduced by Stephen Covey in the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Essentially it’s the practice of starting each day, task, or project with a clear vision of your desired direction and destination, and then continue by flexing your proactive muscles to make things happen.

In other words, its mapping out where you want to end up and working backwards to find the best way to get there. Like any journey, the fun is in the travelย so enjoy the process. Trust the process. I started this blog post off on a bad foot… I wrote the entire thing then erased the entire thing (by accident) and am now re-writing the entire thing. Is it as good as it was the first time? I don’t know but I do know that NOT writing it would be counter-productive. Plus it’s in the process that we grow right? The daily effort is what should be rewarded and not necessarily the outcome. I think I even wrote in the original post to “not be attached to the outcome whether its good or bad but rather focus on the work. Through the act of doing you become that which you are striving to achieve”. So I am being taught this lesson literally as I am writing. Do the work. Continue with the process. Hold the vision of what you want but focus on the day to day actions (however small they may seem) to work towards making your vision a reality. Its the daily process not progress that should be focused on.

So with the new year ahead what will I strive for on a daily basis that will bring me closer to the mother, wife, daughter, woman I want to be? Well its picking myself up and trying again that is obviously a lesson I need to head. Its enjoying the moment and not allowing myself to be caught up in the next thing that will happen, because the next thing isn’t a guarantee. The only guarantee is the present moment. If we can perform at our best in the present then the future will take care of itself. I think the only way to be your best in the present is to plan and prepare for that.

So begin this year with the end in mind… what will my life look like at the end of this year, what will your life look like in December of 2017? What do you want for yourself this year? For me, I want to Enjoy More in the present moment, Worry Less and I will achieve that by planning for Successful Outcomes. However small that may be… if I want to have a stress-free home environment where there is a yummy, healthy meal ready for my family on most nights, I need to plan for that. If I want to be a healthy, physically strong, sexy wife then I need to plan for self care, plan to hit the gym and nourish my body and mind. If I want my kids to have an amazing summer spending time with family and friends I need to plan for trips, outings and visits with loved ones. If I want my finances to reflect my hard work I need to plan time to work on my consulting, blogging, wellness coaching and essential oils business. If I plan for these outcomes inevitably I will have space to enjoy more and worry less.

I invite you all to begin this year with the end in mind- how will you spend your days this year? What will you do on a daily basis to get closer to the goals/dreams/values?ย Think about where you want to be at the end of 2017… what did you do that was epic this year? What positive changes did you make for your life? What projects did you dream up and complete? Who did you spend time with? What did you add to your life or remove from your life this year? Cheers to a new year and a fresh start!!

Love your comments!

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