The First Trimester

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Finding out I was pregnant the first time was quite the surprise. That first time I held the news I was pregnant fiercely close to my heart, waiting until the doctor confirmed the result at my 8 week appointment before I told anyone other than Aaron. For 8 whole weeks I walked around knowing that my life was going to change forever. It’s was a surreal feeling knowing that that my body was making a baby and the forces of nature were carrying out the process of creation. I couldn’t stop it! Cells were dividing. I was no longer just one person, I was a woman with a life in my womb. I wasn’t alone. It was crazy!

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11 Miles running in SNOW SHOES!

All moms know that finding time to exercise is a challenge. We also all know its important but sometimes it just isn’t a priority for a plethora of really good reasons. For me, I found the best way to get back into a regular exercise routine was to sign up for a race. Sometimes I need an outside goal to kick start my intrinsic motivation. This one happened to be running on snow-shoes.

I’m always up for a challenge, but I wouldn’t consider myself an extremist. I’ve done my fair share of hiking, running 5K races and I even ran my first 1/2 marathon in 2013. But now I live in Colorado and people here have a unique perspective on “challenge”.  This is the land of mountains and outdoor activities and everywhere you turn someone is most definitely climbing, biking, skiing, riding, running, jumping on every available bit of open space.  Continue reading