Tiny Foods with Big Promises… 5 Superfoods you should try!

Chia seeds, hemp seeds, goji berries, pumpkin seeds, matcha

It’s amazing how tiny foods like nuts, seeds and leaves can deliver big benefits to our bodies. In a culture where bigger is thought to be better these tiny superfoods can hold their own. Superfoods have been part of a wellness trend over the last decade that has brought to light the importance of eating foods that help fight disease and provide our bodies with essential nutrients. Continue reading


I planted parsley seeds in my garden this morning. My Italian friends always use parsley in Italian cooking, but this is an herb that I often overlook. It’s readily available in the grocery store year-round but is also super easy to grow in your garden or in a pot on your windowsill. It is a biennial plant which means you plant it once and it will return to the garden year after year. Continue reading