Should you worry about ZIKA on your honeymoon?

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I have so many friends at the stage of life who are getting married and considering starting their family. Our generation already has cultural barriers that push our child-bearing years further and further into the future… we want to get our careers on track, we want to take one more awesome backpacking trip, we want to meet the perfect person and date and marry them and buy a house and then get pregnant… or we can’t get pregnant and need to invest in fertility treatments and now we have to worry about a tiny mosquito that happens to reside in all the best sunny beach destinations. Isn’t there enough standing between us and our fertility?! Since I have a background in public health I decided to nerd out a little and do some investigating on behalf of my friends who will be travelling to areas with the potential to come into contact with Zika. Here’s some general info to consider:

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Backyard Garden

I grew up in the city and later moved to “the country” but in each of these settings my family always had a garden. My Dad made garden beds along the fence at our city house and grew herbs on the windowsill. Then later when we had 3 acres, Dad created a beautiful backyard garden that produced enough veggies to feed a small army. Growing your own food was a novelty back when I was in high school, not many people were doing it. Having a plethora of fresh veggies all summer long made for fun times cooking, making salsa and even bartering with squash (yes once I paid my cab fare with a bunch of squash… Seriously ask my friends). Fortunately now it’s both trendy and practical to grow your own food  Continue reading

Its Now or Never

The New Year is always a time for reflection and renewal. With the start of a new year come new intentions and goals. 2014 brought so many life changes for me- I became a mother, a homeowner and also became unemployed. Motherhood has been nothing less than incredible- literally you would not believe all the changes to your body, heart and perspective. Although having a new baby is a wonderful, mind-blowing and miraculous gift-  it wasn’t a seamless transition Continue reading