Anxiety Relief: 6 Tools you can use to Calm the Mind

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Living through a global pandemic is scary enough, but if you are also someone who deals with anxiety this could be the mother of all triggers. Its literally all the things: being quarantined at home with or without people, job loss, fear of getting sick, uncertainty about what “normal” life even looks like anymore. I have openly shared my struggle with anxiety and I find that knowing I am not alone is sometimes all I need to start to turn the anxiety around. But in case you need something more tangible here are 6 tools that have been working really well for me and I hope they bring you some relief as well:

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Your quick intro to Essential Oils

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Have you tried essential oils yet? They are increasing in popularity and for good reason, they have so many amazing benefits for our body, mind and spirit. Personally I have been incorporating essential oils into my life for the past few years. I use them as aromatherapy for mental well-being and topically for immune support. I love that these little “potions” as my friend Erin calls them are natural and powerful plant derivatives. Continue reading