How to get into alignment to access the Law of Attraction? Ideas for morning + evening routines for inner peace.

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Opening and closing your day with intention is an important element in raising your consciousness. What do I mean by raising consciousness? I simply mean feeling the deep sense of joy that comes when we are in alignment with our experience of life. When we are actually present in the moment and experiencing the fullness that life offers without trying to limit it through “past” or “future” thinking. Life unfolds in the Now. Life happens in the now. If we are not fully conscious we are missing it Continue reading

The BEST job ever (that you can do from home)…

I have this conversation daily with mamas (and dads too) who want a flexible career so they can be present raising their kids… what is the ideal work from home gig? I’m a hustler at heart and I’ve tried lots of things, you will love reading this post with all the crazy things we tried when we first became parents.ย When I say “work from home” what I really mean is work in a way that allows flexibility to live the life you want. We all know that working from home while also being a full time parent is impossible. Seriously. I can’t even take a shower when my toddler and 3 year old are around. Its the idea of a flexible career that you can fit in around life. It doesn’t require you to show up somewhere + have to find suitable childcare. It doesn’t demand 40 hours a week, it can be done from anywhere and you also get paid a kick-ass income that can turn to residual income for life.

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How to tame the scattered brain

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I’ve always been impulsive. I am the action girl! Don’t think, just act, react! It served me so well most of my life… in high school I was involved in sports, clubs + activities and in college was always pioneering the next adventure with my friends. It was easy to be impulsive. I got a lot of stuff done. But now that I’m officially “adulting” (our definition of adulting is becoming parents, that’s when I really had to get it together)… so now in this phase of life, being impulsive is not such a fun trait. In fact it is down right debilitating. It’s not cool to be impulsive when you have two little humans who are way more reactive, spontaneous, irrational + crazy than you who have more of a right to be than you! Now it looks more like legit ADD.

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Setting boundaries, getting organized + feeling productive while working from home

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Let’s face it- “working from home” is not always as glamorous as it sounds. Often times you are working MORE than you would if you were clocking in at a 9-5. When you don’t have a boss micro-managing your every move or a physical place to report to, the hours in the day can crawl by or be gone before you know it if you don’t have a schedule. Here are some of my recent musings about maintaining boundaries, getting organized and feeling productive while working from home. FYI, I think these strategies are valuable even if you don’t work from home!

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