Jess Giffin

Hi I’m Jess. Thanks for checking out my blog! I am a Wellness & Lifestyle Coach by trade, an amateur gardener, a Westfalia enthusiast, lover of red wine & horses, and most recently a new mama trying to build an alternative career.

I’ve lived in San Diego, New York, Australia, Madrid and now Denver with my husband Aaron and our daughter Everly. I consider myself a generalist, preferring to dabble in lots of different activities rather than being a master of only one. I’m striving to live a life with intention and am in constant pursuit of happiness, although most times I just need to stop and enjoy the journey (I’m trying!)

I believe that energy is everywhere and attitude is everything.

My Professional Background:
I started out my career as a sales executive in Southern California learning the hard lessons of rejection and meeting quotas under intense pressure. I did that for a few years before realizing the work wasn’t feeding my soul, so I left…I am forever grateful for my time as a sales rep, it shaped my ability to face challenges and persevere under adverse conditions. Some of my favorite jobs have been as a barista, bartender, promotional model and English tutor. After backpacking for 9 months in Europe, I decided to pursue my passion for wellness. I graduated in 2013 with a Master’s degree in Public Health with a focus on Social Behavior and Community Health from the University at Albany in New York. I also got certified as a Health Educator (CHES) and I’m currently working on obtaining my Health Coach certification through ACE.

Contact Information:
Jessica Giffin, MPH, CHES / Health & Wellness Coach

3 thoughts on “Jess Giffin

  1. Hi Jess, from a kindred spirit in Australia. So happy I stumbled across your blog. I share many of your interests – red wine, horses, gardening, my family. I also love travelling and getting out in the great outdoors. Lovely to meet you and hope to check back in soon.


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