10 Essential items to pack in your hospital “Go Bag”

It can be super exhilarating and also very nerve wracking waiting for that first contraction… when will it happen? Will your water break while your getting a mani/pedi? Will you go into labor while driving? Its best to be prepared so when it happens you feel ready!

Here are my favorite things to pack in your Hospital Go Bag:

Cute pajamas + a cute robe! I refused to wear hospital gowns while giving birth. I wanted to be completely free and naked while I labored. I also wanted to have my own clothes while I stayed there. I hate hospitals in the first place so I wanted to make myself as comfortable as possible. I was determined to have a non-medicated birth and I knew feeling relaxed + comfortable was key! I bought a pair of new comfy pajama pants and brought my favorite floral robe. I also had a robe I didn’t mind getting messy while in labor ; )

Diffuser + essential oils: you definitely want to get the ambiance in your hospital room feeling relaxed and comfortable. Every nurse that came into my birthing room and later my recovery room commented on how good it smelled! I love the Desert Mist diffuser because it has a “flicker” light function which is awesome for creating a “cave like” environment for natural labor! Plus real candles are not allowed. Oils became a huge part of my wellness routine when I became pregnant. Check out these cute diffuser bags for your Young Living diffuser + oils from Baggage + Co on Etsy

Cozy blanket: Let’s face it, hospitals are not known for their comfortable bedding. I brought a cozy cute blanket from our house to snuggle up with in the hospital bed. That little piece of home made me feel wayyyy more relaxed.

Newborn outfit + beanie hat: this was one of my favorite parts of packing for the hospital… we didn’t know the sex of wither of our babies so I picked out a sweet outfit for boy and girl to have our new addition wear home from the hospital. It was SO fun picking these out a few weeks before my due date โค

Car seat installed: make sure you installed your bucket car seat at least 2 weeks before your due date and have it with you when you go to the hospital or birth center. This is how you will bring your babe home!

Underwear! Bring your own granny panties to wear home (otherwise you will be wearing the hospital saggy mesh ones) and make sure they are roomy enough for a hugggge pad (yes you will be wearing the biggest period pad of your life)

Comfy clothes to wear home + slippers: Depending on the season, have something loose and comfortable to wear home. You will most likely still be a little sore from the marathon of labor. I brought easy to slip on shoes and comfy loose yoga pants. Don’t forget your nursing bras. Also bring some slippers or extra socks, you DO NOT want to be walking around the hospital in your bare feet! And if you are giving birth in the winter the hospital floor can be chilly.

Nursing pillow: If you got a nursing pillow for your baby shower, this is an awesome thing to have in the hospital while you learn how to nurse your new baby! It helps alot to use it as a support and for trying different positions. Hospital pillows are not the comfiest!

Music and speaker: get a little blue tooth speaker to play your labor play mix. It also helps to have a little speaker in your room so you can put on the ocean waves or the old school hip hop (Biggie and JaRule) you love to hear while you relax. If you want to get super minimal combine your aromatherapy with your music therapy! I LOVE the aria diffuser from YL, you can plug your phone into it and it can play your soundtrack!

Hair Dryer + make up: I know its the last thing on your mind BUT take this opportunity while the nursing staff is taking care of you to shower and wash your face. Put on a little blush and lip gloss and dry your hair. I promise it makes a huge difference in how you feel! Plus you will look cute for your visitors and photos โค๏ธ


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