Claiming your wellness sanity while travelling

Travelling is a huge part of my lifestyle and I strive to make adventuring a standard with our family. Having two kiddos under the age of 4 makes travel a but more interesting but none-the-less it is a value that Aaron and I share. I knew travelling with kids would have its challenges, what I wasn’t prepared for was how it would impact ME!

I didn’t think about how I could maintain my positive lifestyle changes. I am intrigued by behaviors and habits. It is what I studied in graduate school and what I continue to study in myself and my clients as a health + lifestyle coach. As human beings we are drawn to rituals. It’s part of our nature to follow cycles. It takes a lot of work to develop habits that serve our goals.

I love the current wellness routine that Aaron and I have established. We are eating clean (lots of nutrient dense veggies + whole foods and no dairy, no gluten and no sugar)…. plus the yoga/running/weight lifting exercises that I’ve come to rely on for feeling strong! I value my healthy lifestyle because it makes me feel good. I notice a difference in my mindset, energy level, physical presence and my capacity to handle the stresses that life throws when I am in my groove. Success comes from the tiny things you do consistently. Going on a trip is fun- but inevitably it disrupts your normal. That is precisely why I love to travel! But you see my dilemma… how to maintain the positive effects of my Β daily habits while forcing myself out of my normal groove?

I see this dilemma unfold with my health coaching clients- especially with weight loss. You make progress by sticking to a routine and you lose weight. But whenever that routine is disrupted (like going on a vacation) the progress sometimes stops or even unravels. We all want to enjoy the freedom that travel provides however I think its important to maintain growth (whether its losing weight or just sticking to a healthy lifestyle)… even while you are outside your own living space.
I’ve been reflecting on this a lot during this trip because I’ve noticed how I’m feeling. I’m tired! I have less energy! I am still trying to adjust and make my wellness a priority. I know there is a way to get the best of both worlds… and here are a few things I’ve identified that are helping me stick to my wellness routine. First and foremost, just expect that your routine will be difficult to maintain so pick and choose a few key “must haves” to implement on a vacation.
  1. Bust out the cooler baby!
    • Prepare to have your “go to” snacks and healthy meals with you. Hit the grocery store. You can’t rely on your host to have everything you need. Bring a mini cooler with you and stock up on your must haves. For me its coconut water, almond milk, Kombucha, coconut oil, coffee, fresh greens, fresh fruit and WINE (duh!)
  2. Book-end your day with familiarity
  3. Get physical (any way you can)!
    • Exercise can come in many forms- I’ve realized that going to the gym may not always be accessible while travelling but some form of physical activity is always available. Bust out the squats while on a hike… or download an app that provides an exercise routine that can be done in a backyard or hotel room. I’ve also found that planning an activity that gets everyone moving is a great way to have fun while being active. Then most importantly acknowledge that you DID exercise even if its not the same intensity of a workout you normally do… give yourself a break!

What do you guys do to maintain your healthy lifestyle while travelling?

Love your comments!

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