Fan the Flame with these gift ideas for your Lover

Let’s celebrate the month of love with some fun ideas to ignite the fire, fan the flame or burn brighter with your lover. I wrote a post last year about how to date your husband with some fun ideas to reconnect with your hubby. Partnerships, friendships and relationships in general take effort- you cannot expect growth if you aren’t putting forth the effort. So I gathered some fun ideas for expressing your love in honor of Valentine’s Day, enjoy:

Boudoir Photoshoot

This is a great gift for both you AND your sweetie. It may seem a little terrifying to strip down to your lingerie in front of a photographer, but so incredibly empowering. It should be mentioned that boudoir is a tasteful, artful representation of whatever makes you feel beautiful and sexy… it is not cheap, cheesy or raunchy. After doing some research on Boudoir Photographers in Denver I realized this was not a cheap thing… packages started at $500 and most were about $2,000! I respect the art of photography and if you can afford that – then you should do it! I went a different route- I found a professional photographer looking to build her portfolio and made a deal, she gave me 30 edited images and a 2 hour shoot (with unlimited wardrobe changes) for $250. I took a bit of a gamble with this but I prepared! I created a Pinterest board with photo styles + poses that I liked, I shared my vision + expectations with the photographer upfront and made sure I talked to her past clients. Our shoot was super fun and the photos were amazing. If you are feeling really adventurous you could even DIY this yourself! Check out these tips for doing your own boudior photoshoot (you can even have your partner be your photographer!)

Essential oils for Love

One of the most powerful ways these little potions of plant goodness can support us is through aromatherapy. The scent of an oil can directly impact your emotional state because our sense of smell activates the hypothalamus (which by the way regulates hormones + stimulates sex drive). If you are new to essential oils, don’t worry! You can talk to me about getting young living oils into your life and you can read Lucy Libido’s latest book, “A girlfriend’s guide to using essential oils between the sheets”. This hilarious book has great tips for using essential oils to balance hormones, increase libido and elevate your game in the sheets. Let’s face it, having kids or working too much or having general stressful lives can really put a damper on our bedroom game. So lets light the fire! Check out this guide and if you need some recommendations for oils, then let’s talk! New members that open a wholesale account in February will get a Starter Kit bundle which includes a home diffuser and 11 everyday oils and as an extra special bonus- I will ship you Lucy Libido’s guide for free! ❀

Return to Love workshop

This CD was gifted to me from my dear friend Jayme so I haven’t had the chance to experience it myself, however it did come highly recommended. I have been reading more of Marianne Williamson’s work recently and her message really resonates with me. Her work focuses on illuminating ways to think differently – to stand psychologically and emotionally on a different ground of being. This is the spiritual journey from anxiety to inner peace- returning to a place where love is the only thing. You can also check out her book, Return to Love (one of Oprah’s all time faves) for more in-depth discussions of love and spirituality.

Schedule a Date “Experience”

Spending time together matters (especially for parents or couples that have been together for many years) and a shared experience is an awesome way to bond. My friend in Denver runs the website Denver Date Night which provides unique date experiences. All you have to do is answer some questions about the type of experience you are looking for and they put together a super fun date and email you the itinerary. If you are Denver based you must try her service! If not, see what your city has to offer by way of new restaurants, experiences or date ideas. A date doesn’t always have to be dinner and drinks… get creative and plan an experience!

Meditation for Couples

As you guys know by now, I am a huge believer in meditation– and even though I still can’t get a solid practice going (I’m trying) I keep coming across amazing benefits of incorporating regular meditation into your life. According to the Headspace App, research has shown that mindfulness “enhances couples’ levels of relationship satisfaction, autonomy, closeness and acceptance of each other, while reducing relationship distress”. You can look into a mindfulness retreat, yoga class centered on meditation or search YouTube and do your own guided meditation together (by candlelight). Here are some more ideas on how to mindfully connect with your partner.

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