4 Tools I’m using to organize my house + my mind this Fall

Well summer is on its way out and Fall is coming to stay for a bit. I love this time of year- chilly mornings, chai lattes, cozy fires at night and getting a fresh new agenda planner to “be more productive”! I guess I will forever be on the school schedule where the start of the year is always in the fall. It’s good, it feels like the right cycle for me (plus my hubby works in education and goes back each Fall to start a fresh new year).

Here are 4 tools I’m excited to use to help me organize my home and clear my mind in preparation for the next seasonal change…

The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up
This is downloaded on my Kindle and waiting for me to read! I have heard great things about this powerful Japanese philosophy of organization. After watching a news segment about this amazing method of folding your clothes– I was HOOKED! The method helps you to look at your possessions in a new light and learn to let go of items that don’t serve you anymore to make room for things you truly need in your life. I am so pumped to de-clutter my life and make space!

Buddha Mom
This book is an awesome guide for all the mamas out there (thanks to my girl Bridget for telling me about this book!) It incorporates the basic guidelines of a Buddhist lifestyle into the art of motherhood. I love how Jacqueline Kramer separates the insights in her book into chapters that correspond to Buddhist principles like Simplicity, Nurturance, Joyful Service, Unconditional Love. Some of the things I read in her book I still think about on a daily basis while in the midst of being a busy mama… like you are the master of your space and are responsible for everything that comes in as well as everything that goes out. You determine the energy and vibe of your home by keeping your space clean and inviting. I always keep a “treasure” from nature on our dining room table to symbolize our connection to the natural world and to remember the beauty and elegance inherent in nature. I also try to remember to find joy in the menial tasks (doing the dishes or laundry) because although they may not seem enjoyable, they are necessary and why not find something positive about it?

Zen Habits website
This is a new “go to” of mine- Leo Babauta’s super simple and clean website called Zen Habits is filled with articles about mindfulness, spirituality and the daily practice of being at peace and in the present moment. I go to this website for some daily inspiration and spiritual teachings (without distractions from advertisements or a cluttered website). He offers insights and activities to get you thinking about the small things you can do each day to invite a sense of peace into your life.

Headspace App
Have you ever tried to meditate? Yes, it seems daunting (and sometimes we are just too busy for mindfulness, right??) but this app makes it super easy to schedule time to create some “headspace”. There is a free version to try 10 days of guided meditation and after that you can purchase a subscription. I have access to lots of resources on meditation and mindfulness but they aren’t all in one organized place… so this app is PERFECT! All the guided meditations and resources you need… plus the scientific evidence to back it up. I am excited to get back on track with my meditation this fall!

The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle
This is by far one of my favorite spiritual books. I stumbled upon this book in college in the super old town library. I was walking along the creaky floors looking at the Buddhist, Hinduism, eastern philosophy section when this old hippie dude appeared and said, “have you read The Power of Now?” and I told him that I hadn’t heard of it… he put a copy in my hands and winked. “This book will change your life” and it certainly did… Eckhart tells us what we already know deep within our hearts… that we are all OK!!  And that we have the power within us to be happy. It’s all in our perspective. His teachings help bring us back to knowing that the present moment is all that exists and in the present moment there is always peace. This book is packed with simple spiritual lessons and a super easy read because you can pick it up whenever you need some inspiration and doesn’t necessarily need to be read in one sitting(although that’s how I read it the first few times)… now it sits on my book shelf and I pick it up whenever I need a reminder to look within. Your inner light is always guiding you ❤

What are you guys doing to get organized or tap into your mindfulness practice this Fall?

Love your comments!

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