Third Trimester: The home stretch!

I am now officially a pregnant lady who makes grunting noises while putting on her snow boots! The belly is large and in charge and there is no mistaking that I am carrying a growing human. Aaron has a rule that he never ever makes a comment to a pregnant woman about her pregnancy even if its blatantly obvious because “you never know”! At this stage I am often approached by complete strangers who want to know “when are you due” or “do you know what your having” or “I can tell by the way you’re carrying that its a boy” or the classic tummy rub. I don’t mind the attention. I find it endearing when older men like my dad’s age want to talk about babies… you can tell they are grandpas or soon to be grandpas and are truly fascinated by the joy a new life brings to the world.

It is also a lot harder to move around gracefully. I am currently 35 weeks preggers and I’m realizing that staying in one position whether its sitting, standing or laying down is hard to do. I am in constant motion. The best relief I have found is lathering lavender and peppermint essential oils on my lower back. The tingling sensation is addictive and it takes my mind off the discomfort of stressed back muscles. I traveled home to NY for Christmas with an arsenal of essential oils. My nightly ritual consists of having Aaron put both hands on my lower back and squeeze my hips together while I lay in child’s pose with a big pillow supporting my chest so the belly doesn’t get smushed. He then applies my cocktail of essential oils (lavender and peppermint) and in 2 minutes the cooling/warming sensation works its magic.
My workouts are changing at the gym too. I am not as comfortable doing the walking lunges and squats anymore. I feel like there is a bowling ball between my legs. My personal trainer/ BFF Nicole told me to focus on small movements like leg lifts and plies to work my hips and thighs. I also hop on the stair climber for 20 minutes to get my heart rate elevated.
Here’s a rundown of what to expect in the third trimester:
The third trimester is thankfully the home stretch. The reality of giving birth is starting to set in and maybe you are starting to feel a little anxious about labor (I had a mini-freak out the other night). You have probably decided on the type of birth you envision for yourself and have completed a birth plan. From my experience giving birth to Everly- its super important to have a plan but to allow for flexibility. You just don’t know how you are going to feel or what circumstances may arise. The key is having a positive mindset. Trusting yourself and your team of medical professionals to make the best of whatever happens. The ultimate goal is a healthy baby regardless of how that baby exits the womb : ) I found some helpful resources on creating a birth plan, hiring a doula and methods for managing labor. Talk to other women about labor and birth. Surround yourself with women who have positive stories and are empowered by their Mama status!
Some great books to check out if you are interested in natural childbirth include:
Ina May’s Guide to Birth
Orgasmic Birth: Your Guide to a Safe, Satisfying and Pleasurable Birth Experience
Juju Sundin’s Birth Skills: Proven Pain Management Techniques for Your Labour and Birth
Dr. Sears The Birth Book: Everything You Need to Know to Have a Safe and Satisfying Birth
Happiest Baby on the Block
Your baby is going to grow ALOT in this trimester, from about 2 1/2 pounds and 16 inches long in week 28 of pregnancy to between 6 and 9 pounds and 19 to 22 inches long in week 40. I felt so much kicking during this trimester- this little one is always rockin’ out when I am trying to relax or go to sleep. Of course when I want people to feel him or her moving he is MIA. Baby is becoming familiar with the sound of your voice and the other noises that are common in your life (like Piper’s bark when the mailman comes by or Everly asking for more cookies)!
The third trimester is a time to start nesting. Get your house ready for the baby. I found it super helpful to have frozen meals prepared ahead of time so we didn’t have to worry about cooking when Everly arrived. Take your stroller out for a test drive and get your car seat installed. Make plans for people to help out with your pets while you are giving birth. We gave keys to a few of our neighbors and to my best friend. This time around, for Baby #2 we have to plan care for Everly- where she is going to stay and when will she be picked up? Having a toddler around while I’m in early labor will be super distracting! Having a solid plan in place for her is going to make me feel so much more relaxed! I am so excited for Ev to come to the hospital to meet her new baby sister or brother : )

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