I’m an ENFP, Moon in Libra + Socially Intelligent gal… what are you?

I love taking personality tests. I remember doing the quizzes in YM magazine as a teenager and sharing my results with girlfriends. It’s fun to get feedback on our unique perspectives, wants, needs and feelings. This is also why I love to read my horoscope and infuse the celestial guidance into making sense of my life. It’s nice to view my behaviors from other disciplines outside of my own brain. I recently took the 16 Personalities quiz and my results have helped both explain things about myself and at the same time have shaped some of the activities I have been seeking out as of late. I am ENFP. The Campaigner, the promoter, the idealist, the person with big ideas and the ability to see potential everywhere. It makes complete sense to me. It also helped me identify why its so frustrating for me to see a project trough to the nitty gritty detailed end, I am naturally more inclined to be the initiator, to get the project started, launch it from an idea to a real thing. I knew this about myself but it was cool to see it reflected back to me in the form of an analysis. Most of my close friends happen to be ENFP as well. Is that coincidence? Do we really flock with birds of the same feather? Apparently I do in my life! Although, Aaron’s results came back as INFJ (which is probably good for a spouse to be different, right?)

These tests serve a purpose in personal development. Gathering information about yourself to dig deeper and glean a sense of why you do things is powerful. It can be a really helpful tool is defining your personal brand or making choices about your life partner or career. It’s also just fun to learn more about ourselves in the name of personal development. It helps us communicate our feelings more effectively and understand where other people are coming from. Understanding our unique character strengths and being able to nurture our strengths can help us live more satisfied and happy lives! We find joy at home and work, we have a sense of authenticity when using our strengths and produce better results.

 Here are three of my favorite personality tests + assessments

1. VIA Character Strength test This test is great for identifying your unique character strengths and according to researchers “individuals who use their character strengths lead happier, more satisfying lives.” This survey focuses on what is best in you and is at the center of the science of well-being. My top 3 character strengths are Social Intelligence, Creativity, Appreciation of Beauty + Excellence.
2. 16 Personalities with roots in Carl Jung psychology of introvert and extrovert as well as the Meyers Briggs 4-letter acronyms Introversion (I) or Extraversion (E); Intuition (N) or Sensing (S); Thinking (T) or Feeling (F); Judging (J) or Perceiving (P). Their theory meshes the best of both and includes five personality aspects that, when combined, define the personality type: Mind, Energy, Nature, Tactics and Identity. My results from this test are hands down ENFP… I loved reading about this because so many of the traits were spot on for me!
3. Birth Chart have you ever mapped your birth chart? Its really fun and easy to do (and free!) over at Cafe Astrology. Its an astrological tool that determines how the celestial bodies were aligned on the day you came into existence. You will find out your Moon Sign which tells a lot about your personality and tons of other cool info about the planetary alignment + its effect on you! My moon is in Libra which makes alot of sense… I don’t always fully identify as my sun sign which is Capricorn.
Happy quiz taking : ) Let me know what results you got!

3 thoughts on “I’m an ENFP, Moon in Libra + Socially Intelligent gal… what are you?

  1. What a great post, I can so relate to you. I used to love taking personality tests too, read my horoscope, find out what makes me and others tick. I’m also a Libran!


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