Routines Rock! Finding my Mama Groove

I’m feeling so energized and happy these last few weeks and I will tell you why. I have a routine that is awesome! It’s taken me a few trys to figure out how to rock it as a full time mama and recently I feel like I got a really good groove going! My little one is 18months old and I finally feel like I have a sidekick! She is super interactive, observant and full of life and it is so contagious. We have conversations now. She knows how to make me laugh. She has opinions and makes decisions. It’s really fun. Onย top of that we are super busy. Alot of my interactions with Mamas consist of swapping advice about our “jobs”. I love hearing about other people’s schedules and routines and in turn love to share mine (especially now that I have it dialed in).
A typical day with my 18 month old:

6:30AM rise and shine. Drink a huge glass of water. Pour myself a hot cup of coffee, get Ev up and out of bed.


7:15AM morning walk on the trail with Piper and Ev. It’s usually silent and sunny that early and I can smell the sweet scent of fire and feel the crunch of leaves under our feet. Ev usually gets out of the stroller and runs like a wild woman along the trail. She picks up leaves, pine cones and other treasures. I have my warm to-go coffee mug in my hand and Piper is happy to be smelling the sweet scents of wildlife.


8:00AM Breakfast. Eggs + toast every morning. So so good. I add avocado sometimes when I have it. Ev will eat the eggs and toast but still hates avocado (crazy right?).


9:00AM Gym! I belong to the YMCA and with our membership we get 2 hours of childcare. It has been a game-changer for me. I drop Ev off and she gets to play with all the other kiddos while I work out. I usually listen to a great podcast (TLS or Being Boss or something awesome from NPR). I also bring the laptop some mornings and write. Ideas tend to strike while I’m sweating on the treadmill.


10:30 Library story time! Local libraries here have the best free programs for young kids. The librarian reads books, sings songs, teaches the kids about a letter and then busts out the toys and there is free play. I chat with all the parents. I’ve met some great people at the library. Usually we check out some books afterwards too.


11:45 LUNCH! Back to the homestead for a yummy lunch. Everly usually tells me what she wants to eat so I get a kick out of her requests. Today we had mac and cheese and broccoli. I had a hummus wrap with cheese, tomato and avocado.


12:30 -3:30 is the BEST chunk of time in the day… NAPTIME! I get three hours of time to myself and I try to be productive. I dedicate one hour to writing. Lately I’ve been setting a timer so I really do sit for an hour and most days I get a blog post out or work on a plan for a client. Then I schedule a call with a girlfriend or chat with my solo-entrepreneur friends (like Katy Helen or JourneyFoot). It totally energizes me. Then I will just relax and veg out for a bit before Ev wakes up.


3:30 Ev wakes up! We have a snack, get dressed and load up for our second walk of the day. We take Piper on the trail and walk the mile down to the park with the good playground. We spend time outdoors every single day. I try to put my phone deep down in my bag so I’m not tempted to check it while we are playing. I run around the playground, I do squats by the slide and I try to chat with any adult within earshot. I am often the Mama trying to make friends… I ask for numbers and I call! Haha


4:30ย Head on back home. I try to get my butt in gear to start dinner. I let Ev watch Sesame Street or Baby Einstein (I avoid the more annoying shows like Wheels on the Bus foreign sang cartoon video)


5:00 DAD IS HOME! and I run out of the house and straight to the bar (JUST kidding!) I love having the family home together. It’s awesome to see how happy Everly is to see Aaron. I remember feeling so excited to see my Dad come home in his work clothes knowing that the rest of the night was for playing + spending time with the family.
What does your schedule look like? Did it take awhile to find your groove?

2 thoughts on “Routines Rock! Finding my Mama Groove

  1. I feel like as a stay at home mom, you have to have a schedule like that down, otherwise it’s easy to lose track of time and easy to just pass the day away having nothing accomplished. I am STILL working on a schedule as a working mom, and need to fit in outside time everyday. Walking / jogging on breaks or on my lunch. You just feel better when you get outdoors. The smells, the feeling from being outdoors can boost you up. Even though its freezing, you can bundle up and there is no excuses.


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