Cleaning house without chemicals

Cleaning my house is not something I look forward to. There are some people in my life that absolutely LOVE to clean and get immense joy from a thorough cleaning (like my grandma and my friend Rosa). It always feels like work I don’t want to do. However, now that I am a homeowner, I do take pride in what my home looks like when other people come over. This is usually when I do my best cleaning ha!

Anyway, I was taught to clean by my mother who was taught to clean by her mother. Cleaning supplies include lots and lots of bleach and other chemicals that have a sterile-like stench. Now that I am the householder I am realizing it is my responsibility to take ownership of what enters my home and also what leaves it. Harmful chemicals like bleach are toxic in my home and toxic for the planet when leaving my home by way of ground water leaching.

In the book, Buddha Mom Jacqueline Kramer draws parallels between keeping a clean home as part of her spiritual practice. I loved reading her perspective because it challenged me to see the opportunity for spiritual growth in a simple task like washing the dishes. Even if I don’t reach enlightenment mopping my floor, at least I can find some joy in a task that is a necessary part of my life.

I cleaned my kitchen and bathroom tonight with Dr. Bronner’s tea tree Pure Castile soap. It is organic and free of harmful toxins. I felt weirdly joyful! Maybe it was the Buddha Mom philosophy in the back of my mind or maybe I actually felt better with wholesome cleaning agents. I wasn’t inhaling anything harmful. I could dunk my hands in the soapy water. I felt good about that soapy water touching all of the surfaces and floors that my baby would touch. I was glad I didn’t have bleach in the bucket when Everly came over to investigate. I didn’t cringe when dumping the dirty soapy water down the sink. I took ownership of the product I used to clean in my home and felt at ease when it left my home. I did one thing today that didn’t contribute to harming the environment. And… the best part is my kitchen looked REALLY clean. Like cleaner than it does with all the bleach and Pinesol. It just felt better all around.

What do you guys clean with?

My favorite Non-toxic Cleaning Alternatives:

  1. Dr. Bronners pure castile soap
  2. Vinegar and baking soda
  3. Young Living essential oil blend “Thieves”

2 thoughts on “Cleaning house without chemicals

  1. I’m a lot like you. I don’t like using harmful chemicals to clean my house. I prefer the natural stuff that is all around safe. I use all of the things you listed except essential oils. I only have tea tree oil at the moment but waiting for my birthday gift from hubby. He’s getting me the started kit for young living essential oils. I can’t wait. Another ingredient I use to clean is Murphy’s oil. I mix half parts murphy’s oil and half part baking soda. I mix it so that its like a paste and then I use it to clean my tub and sink. Leaves it smelling so nice.


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