Employ the KISS principle when it comes to meals

If you’re like me then you may feel overwhelmed with all the “food porn” circulating all over the place. It’s hard to check your social media feeds and not see some awesome, perfectly photographed plate. Of course it’s FANTASTIC to look at and it truly does inspire me… except when I don’t have the time, energy or exotic ingredients necessary to make the gorgeous dish.

I say it’s time to employ the KISS method… did you guys hear this term in middle school??  I distinctly remember my 8th grade math teacher telling us this… “Keep It Simple Stupid”… Don’t over think it! Being healthy and well shouldn’t feel hard or overwhelming, especially if you make it a habit. So here’s what I do… I have a bunch of “go to“ dishes that I know how to make and they consist of fresh whole foods. When I am not feeling inspired its OK to rely on the tried and true meals that I know are good! I occasionally try the adventurous recipe or try to re-create a Pinterest meal but I don’t stress about trying to do them ALL! Whenever I make something that was yummy and healthy (and easy), Aaron will tell me to “add that to your list”.

Here are some suggestions to making yummy, healthy, fresh food that appeal to YOU. Make a list of your top 5 healthy ingredients that you truly love. My list would look like this: avocado, eggs, spinach, quinoa and tofu. Then think about a great meal you know how to make with each ingredient. Just stick with that!

If you want a bit of inspiration to make your “go to” meal more interesting think about incorporating some of the super foods (blueberries, almonds, lemon, kale, greek yogurt etc) to the meal. Our ancestors ate food that was available, fresh and accessible… So focus on doing the same!

Quick ideas to spruce up your “go to” meals

  • Toss some almonds onto your pasta, rice or quinoa dish
  • Add blueberries or strawberries to your salad
  • Sprinkle flax seeds into your pasta sauce
  • Squeeze a fresh lemon into your water
  • Chop up fresh kale, swiss chard or other dark leafy green and add it to your eggs

chopped swiss chard over eggs

Love your comments!

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